Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Path to Personal and Business Enlightenment in 2009

The Year 2008 could well be remembered as the commencement of the convergence of crises (Food / Fuel / Finance etc) for Mankind. Therefore, there will be no better present for the New Year than the gift of Path to Personal and Business Enlightenment in 2009.

The Path to Personal & Business Enlightenment would have many steps, which could broadly be considered as consisting of the following three steep flights of stairs:

(1) Survival (Manageability of prevailing situations or Economy for Business under the Triple Bottom Line concept)
(2) Understanding (Comprehensibility of the phenomena or Ecology for Business under the TBL)
(3) Wisdom & Love (Meaningfulness of the various encounters or Equity for Business, under the TBL)

The Manageability / Comprehensibility / Meaningfulness will give us a Sense of Coherence (SOC) which is the source of our Health and Wellbeing or Wealth. This is the essence of the Thesis of Salutogenesis, the term first used and promulgated by Aaron Antonovsky in 1979, in the context of alternative medicine.

The Big Three also represents the local / global / cosmic aspects of any holistic solutions. This is also to “Think Globally, Act Locally, Connect Cosmically”.

Individually, we might have to earn our keep by making better and more efficient use of Small Office Home Office (SOHO). We might have to produce portion of our foods by having better understanding of permaculture ( or permanent agriculture, the most famous Australian cultural export, courtesy of Bill Mollison) in particular and ecology in general, including the Sun (partly through the Solar Heliospheric Observatory, another SOHO of the second kind). Corporation-wise, managers might have to get a quick grasp of the differences amongst Hierarchy / Holarchy / Panarchy, the essence of which is better understood by studying the behavior of Holons (the universal Self-Organizing Holarchic Open system, another SOHO of the third kind).

Armed and equipped with these three types of SOHO, we would then have the physical / scientific / philosophical (even spiritual) basis to strengthen our faith in face of the challenging times ahead.

Individuals and businesses wishing to know more about the three types of SOHO and how they could be used as the Path to Personal and Business Enlightenment in 2009 could join the social networking group at http://soholution.collectivex.com

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