Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SOHO Technology 3.0

(Tool for SOHOLUTION. More details at sohotech3.blogspot.com ).

We have a convergence of crises: Food, Fuel, and Finance. So, we need a solution that is convergent that addresses the Local (earning our keep), Global (making sense of the ecosystems) and Cosmic (higher objectives) aspects which lead to "Survive / Understand / Love".

It is coming from SOHO, Sun and Soul. Because, ultimately we must (each and every one of us):
(1) Have our own individual Small Office Home Office (Survive)
(2) Appreciate the Sun: its place in the world / ecology (Understand)
(3) Find our own Salutogenesis or Soul: Wisdom & Love (Love)

It is all about the Big Three:-
(1) I (Self) / Its (Nature) / We (Culture)
(2) Profit / Planet / People or Economy / Ecology / Equity
(3) Body / Mind / Spirit
(4) Beauty / Truth / Goodness

For want of a better description, we tentatively call this Alliance of Three SOHOs”, the “SOHO Technology 3.00”.

More details (relevant pps file / pdf file) available from Slideshare.net or Scribd.com.

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