Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cooperative Development / Writing Project (Invitation)

The SOHOLUTION approach is still in the process of being completed (Or rather it is always on-going and never get completed?!). Contents here will be continually updated. So, stay tuned.

In compliance with the spirit expounded in the approach, cooperative inputs / efforts are solicited to expedite the completion of this project, on a profit-sharing or revenue-sharing basis, involving many trades and professions, participating as SOHOers. There will be many different activities and formats, to be carried in different towns and countries. This will truly be the Evolution / Solution of SOHOs, in its many facets. Please see SOHOLUTION Matrix for some ideas.

Brief outline of Content Draft only, not exhaustive)is available on the Power Point Presentation at Slideshare.net

If you are interested, please contact erico@pc.jaring.my for details.

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