Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Skilling Up for Power-down

•The 21st Century will see the convergence of many crisis: Fuel, Food and Finance etc. etc.
•The solution places heavy demand for new skill-sets (Skill-up) and lifestyle changes (Power-down), covering the physical, financial, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual aspects of our life.
•Skilling-up and Powering-down is in fact the law of nature.
•The Universe is a Skillup Powerdown. Are you ready to be too?

The Universe

•The Universe (and everything in it) is skilling up (getting more complex) while powering down (heat death).
•This is well described / prescribed in the Principles of Energetics and the Laws of Thermodynamics.
•How is this seemingly paradoxical situation reconciled?
•The answer lies in Dissipative Process / Structure and associated SOHO (Self-Organizing Holarchic Open) systems…. Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine
•The Holarchy and its associated Holons constituted the complexities in existence….. Arthur Koestler
•The Universe is therefore a SOHO evolution or SOHOLUTION… skilling up while powering down.

Skillup Powerdown Entity

•The Universe is a Skillup Powerdown entity
•Everything in the Universe is doing likewise:
4.Organizations and Corporations
5.Individuals (You and I)
•SOHOLUTION (SOHO evolution) is the Solution
•So is Small Office Home Office (SOHO) for you and I.

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