Saturday, December 27, 2008

What Exactly Is SOHOLUTION?

 A method of solution-seeking by Think Globally, Act Locally, Connect Cosmically.
 It has its origin in the convergence / evolution of the three SOHO’s :
* Small Office Home Office (SOHO)
* Solar Heliospheric Observatory (Sun)
* Self-Organizing Holarchi Open system (Soul)
 SOHO, Sun and Soul represent Local, Global and Cosmic respectively.
 It is also about SURVIVE / UNDERSTAND / LOVE, as SOHO is a way to earn a living, while knowing the Sun is to understand the world and Soul is Wisdom / Love, yielding true Wealth, Health & Wellbeing
 It is also about Sohominium (SOHO in condominium) / Solarization (Tapping solar energy) / Soulization (Wisdom & Love)
 Related concepts: Triple Bottom Line, Corporate Social Responsibility, Permaculture etc. etc.

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